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About us

DropElf is a free tool to help you find expiring domain names.

Everyday, Thousands of domains are deleted and made available for everyone to register..
Browsing through thousands of lines is time consumming..
so we built a tool to help you find the best dropping domains.

With DropElf, You can quickly filter and see valued names and data we have on these.
Placing backorders for these names can be done in one click.
You also can generate leads for these names in a few clicks..


How can DropElf help me to find names ?
We post our lists daily on the site.
These lists consist of .com domains dropping the next day.
You also can access the past 3 day's lists, from which taken domains were removed.
By making this site, our goal is to help you find the best names.
What is a backorder ?
A backorder is when someone orders a domain that will soon be available again.
The backorder software will constently monitor your name and try to register it for you.
Where can I place a backorder?
There are many places from which you can backorder a name.
But we believe Epik has the best ratio price/quality - It's low-cost, First come-first serve and, in case there are multiple backorders on a name, there is no auction.

Why using us?

> Completely Free
DropElf is entirely free and will always be !

> Easy to use
Browsing through expired and deleted domains, easily.

> Safe
We won't use your findings against you. The domains you find are yours, not ours.

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